Retail Therapy

Here you will find some of the retail items we have (or had) in stock. Please check back regularly, we constantly update our retail products

Anklets, Arm Jewellery, Bracelets, Bangles, Cufflinks, Natural Gemstone Earrings, Natural Gemstone Rings, Natural Gemstone Pendants, Natural Gemstone Jewellery Sets, Cuff Bangles, Boro Glass Pendants, Chains – Stainless Steel, Hypoallergenic Earrings, Body Piercing Jewellery, Biker / Goth Jewellery, Leather Jewellery, Money Clips, Pendant – Stainless Steel, Rosaries, Tie Sliders/Clips, Wedding Bands – Stainless Steel,

Halo Wedding rings

Semi-precious Earrings

Male Wedding Bands

Tie Sliders/Clips


Pendants, Stainless Steel

Money Clips

Leather Jewellery

Biker/Goth Jewellery

Body Piercing Jewellery

Hypoallergenic Earrings

Stainless Steel Chains

Boro Glass Pendants

Cuff Bangles


Natural Gemstone Jewellery Sets

Natural Gemstone Pendants

Natural Gemstone Rings

Natural Gemstone Earrings