Your Jewellery. Your Style!

Your Jewellery. Your Style! While chatting and discussing a commissioned piece the one day, I realized something that I would like to share with you: We are not in the Jewellery Industry. We are in the People Industry. Jewellery, I think, is sometimes just a bi-product of what we do.

People come into our shop with their hopes and dreams and thoughts and tales of loved ones and exotic places and in most cases, they want to ‘capture’ an idea or emotion or event or a moment in time with ‘that’ jewellery piece they want made. Sometimes something is just pretty and they want something special made with it… and it can be left at that, but what really captures my imagination is when Customers want to attach specific words or emotions to a jewellery piece. The same word may mean something complete different from the one person or culture to the next and this is where things get interesting and exciting for us behind the counter.

Mill over some of these words: fun, funky, hot, sophisticated, trendsetting, sleek, sexy, radiant, subtle, whimsical, ornate, classic, sparkling, innovative, versatile, unique, appealing, intricate, modern, vintage, lovely, savvy, cheeky, striking, simple, rough, appealing, feminine, cute, dainty, dangly, detailed, edgy, elegant, delicate, glitzy, comfy, sensual, fine, large, daring, reserved, seasonal, chic, casual, colourful and….many, many more.Are these words describing the jewellery piece? The emotion they want to capture? Or are they describing the person? Looking at these pictures I think most of these words can be used to describe the jewellery, the people, or maybe even their emotional state… depending on your perception or the idea you want to capture. How would this person describe her-/himself or the  jewellery they wear? Sentimental, expensive, cheap, adorable, worldly, flattering, unsure, confident, ostentatious, restraint….”it was just a gift”, unique…and many more. It’s all about perception and how the individual feel and see a jewellery item or specific design. I think that is one of the reasons why jewellery is such an intimate, unique and personal thing.Let me ask you a rhetorical question: If you have to put one, or a couple of words together to describe your favourite jewellery piece or style – what would it be?

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