Hand-made to wrist size and specification, or mass produced machine-made… a bangle, at least one (in whatever metal alloy you prefer) is a must-have Jewellery Box Essential!

Visit or contact us for a quote on a hand-made to specification (width, thickness & size) bangle like some of these hand-made ones below we have recently made,

or look below at some ready-made options!

With such a wide variety of styles: Plain simple, shaped, set with gems, engraved or textured…you can certainly let your personality shine with the appropriate bangle!

Contact us with your own ideas for manufacture or regarding any of the products you have viewed here.

Also have a look in our Promotional Shop to see if we any of the items listed here on Promotion/Special.

Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle

Below some Hypoallergenic 316 Stainless Steel bangles we have in stock. Get them while you can! At stage I am not planning to import them again.