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“Never believe or assume it cannot be done! Ask a Goldsmith’s opinion whose occupation and life it is to work with jewellery! Not the lady down the road who use to be friends with someone who use to work in a jewellery shop.”

Soldering a Ring
A ring in the process of being soldered


When sizing a ring smaller, in most cases, a small piece from the bottom of the shank/band is removed. The open area is then bend closed and joined together by soldering is shut. The soldered area is then sanded down and polished to hide the worked-on area as best as possible.


The ring/band, at the bottom of the band/shank is cut open. It is then pulled open to the correct size and then a piece of metal inserted and soldered shut. As mentioned, it is then sanded down and polished to hide the worked on area.

“The cost of ring sizing is dependent on the alloy the ring is made in; the thickness of the shank/band, the amount of sizes it needs to go up or down, and a couple of other variables that may only be determent when looked at. Best to ask your local Goldsmith, rather than to try and thumb-suck an amount over the phone or by email. In most cases it is: Solders + Labour + Additionals = Cost “

Goldsmith, Debbie Zeelie, soldering away...
Goldsmith, Debbie Zeelie, soldering away…


“Below are some of the most common ring repair issues we deal with.”

  • Fixing broken or damaged claws on Rings (Re-tipping)
  • Replacing lost or damaged gemstones in rings (Gem replacement)
  • Mounting gemstones that fell/broke out of rings (Setting)
  • Fixing rings/bands that broke on solder marks or elsewhere on ring/shank (Soldering)
  • Shank/bands that needs to be thickened or widened (Half-shanking)
  • Sizing rings bigger or smaller as discussed above
  • Straightening bent bands, shanks and rings
  • Joining or soldering (twinset, trip-set, quine-set) rings together
  • Separating rings that has been soldered together
  • Engraving services on rings
  • Cutting rings of fingers.

“If your problem is not listed above or if you need more information, contact us, or come see us. How can we help you?”

Jewellery Bench Pliers. Just some of the tools we use to fix and create your beautiful jewellery with!
Jewellery Bench Pliers. Just some of the tools we use to fix and create your beautiful jewellery with!


  • Cleaning and Polishing rings/bands
  • Scratch removal on 925 silver and all gold rings & bands
  • Plating (Gold-, Rhodium-, Black Rhodium-, Silver Plating) of Rings
  • Sandblasting and texturing of Rings
  • Checking of claws & settings on Rings
  • Valuations & photography of rings or bands for insurance or personal purposes

“Below some of our latest ring creations commissioned by Customers. Have a look at our Portfolio Page for samples”


Designing, manufacture, remodeling or changing existing ring designs…we love what we do. How can we help you?”

  • Design. Not sure what you want? Or need advice on how to tweak your design? Let’s collaborate and make your ideas a reality!
  • Manufacture. From beginning to end, Dazzling Jewellers have got you covered.
  • Changing of existing design. Claw-setting to Tube-setting – come chat to us.
  • Making up of a custom-fitted or matching side-bands for your existing ring.


“Our main business is manufacture, but we also keep a range of beautiful rings in stock and available on order from trusted local and international suppliers”

“Below some or our newest stock samples”

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