Local is mos Lekker! I think with “the-something-local-jewellery-box-essentials” you should own more than one piece of “Something Local”. It can be regional to your own community or town or something Proudly South African! We are spoiled for choice in this country and in many instances the envy of the rest of the world. Let your jewellery reflect that. Just sit back and watch how the Tourists look at your neckline, hand, wrist or ears when you wear Something Local! It is a must-have Jewellery Box Essential; for all of us!

Below some of my favourite Proudly Local/South African pieces we have made. Contact us with questions you may have regarding any of these items or contact us with your own “Something Local” we can uniquely make for you.

No1: Pansy Shell

The Pansy Shell in any form of jewellery is a classic and a favourite for many when it comes to South African Jewellery, or Jewellery from The Gardenroute/Knysna/Plett Area. By far the most popular in pendant form, it is also available in Bracelets, bangles, studs, dingle dangle earrings & charm jewellery items.

Contact us if you are interested in buying a Pansy Shell for yourself or a loved one! Alternatively go to our Promotional Shop to see if any of our Pansy Shell items are on promotion/special.

No2: Table Mountain

Who in the world does not know & recognize this icon landmark!? It has made it to jewellery form in pendants, rings, bangle and many more. For us, the pendant neckpiece with an anchor or rolo chain has done very well in our overseas online shop. Mostly bought by South Africans feeling a bit homesick on the other side of the world.

“FYI: We ship world-wide..”

Make contact with us if you are interested in a Table Mountain Jewellery piece. Alternatively, check the Promotional Shop to see if any Table Mountain pieces are on promotion or special.

No3: Knysna Oyster Jewellery

Ode to the Knysna Oyster! …it has it’s own Festival named after it – how can we not pay tribute to this awesome little creature as a must-have local jewellery item!?

As with most of our jewellery, it is available in gold and silver.

Do you like our Oysters? Spice up your jewellery collection – make contact with us today!

“There is an Oyster Pendant listed in our Promotional Page (for a limited time only) at a reduced price!”

No4: The Big 5

Big Five Photo
The Majestic Big 5: African Elephant, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Rhino & Leopard

If you have ever witnessed…or rather experienced a close encounter with any one of these animals in the wild, the memory is surely to stay with you for many, many years to come. I think that is why they are so popular in jewellery items with our Local and International Customers.

No5: Knysna Seahorse & Knysna Lagoon

The Knysna Estuary with its beautiful creatures are very dear to us. Below a representation of the Knysna Lagoon featuring Leisure Isle and The Knysna Heads entrance to the ocean and some of the Seahorses we have made in the past.

There are so many iconic Local/South African sights that can be highlighted in jewellery items, I’m sure you have a couple ideas of your own.

Below, a couple of “Something Local Jewellery Box Essentials” we have made. You will find many more on the Portfolio Page

Contact us, we will gladly quote you on making your ideas a reality!

“Many thanks showing interest and having a closer look at one of our pages. I’m looking forward to receive and discuss your ideas with you!”