The jewellery you never wear…

How many of you have one, two, maybe more jewellery items in your drawer completely forgotten and you have not worn it in years – if ever? Unwanted gifts. Fashionable items not fashionable anymore. Styles that you have outgrown or not find appealing anymore. And of course, inherited jewellery items. Some worth more in sentimental value than ‘it’s weight in gold’, but you never wear it, and probably never will.

The rubies in this item came from an inherited piece of jewellery. Now they are set and changed into something the Customer loves and will wear often – keeping the memories of a loved one closer.

But what if you can make it into something appealing (again), wear it daily or as a dress-up-item and carry those feelings that originally came with the piece with you all the time?

Incorporate it in an existing piece. Add something to it – take something away. Do some alterations or modifications to it to make it go better with your personal style. Or simply melt it down completely and have it remodeled.

“I can’t melt Mom or Dad’s ring…”

In the work we do, and as an outsider, I will never recommend to melt an item or work on it if you are not 100% sure about it, but in my opinion I think the memories will always be there, in whatever shape of form the alloys are in, or however you decide to set gemstones out of an inherited piece; and instead of it lying half forgotten in a drawer, you get to keep the memories and sentiment that came with the piece a little closer to you, and in most instances I believe your loved ones will be okay with the idea of you changing it up a bit so you can be happy with the piece and actually wear it

If you have a piece of jewellery and do not know what to do with it, make contact with us and together we will preserve the memories of your loved ones for the next generation

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