Every now and then a piece of jewellery is designed and made in our workshop that is so wrought in symbolism and history that it is difficult to explain the what, where, why, when and how everything fits together.

And then, there is the value aspect of it as well. Weighing in at a whopping 129gr and set with approx 80 gems (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, emeralds and garnet) it is sure to turn heads and grab the attention of any sparkly-loving-creature.

Personally I love this piece for the amount and type of work it entailed. The almost countless goldsmithing techniques that had to be used in this one piece is incredible – so many layers of skills needed to produce something like this. I find it astonishing that only one Goldsmith worked on this from beginning to end.

As a tactile piece of jewellery I sat with this in my hand for about 10 minutes just looking at it. Turning it over and over in my hands, discovering the one hidden treasure upon hidden treasure. The weight, the sturdy feel of it, the smooth textures in all the right places, the beautiful gems, the perfect hand-made hinge and clasp, Debbie really did put her Goldsmithing Capabilities on display with this piece.

What an incredible job you did with this one Mrs Zeelie! If I had to nominated a piece of jewellery for “Jewellery piece of the Year” I would nominate this as the most incredible piece of jewellery that came out of our work-shop this year. I simply love it!

To discuss altering and remodeling your existing jewellery piece(s), manufacturing something with new alloys or check on availability or costing of this, or similar items, message us with your thoughts, questions and comments. Your style, your budget, your alloy choices, gemstones and more!

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